21-30 September 2021
Online Conference
Europe/Berlin timezone

Electron hopping across a dye-sensitized NiO surface

30 Sep 2021, 10:05
Online Conference

Online Conference

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Plenary Talk Spectroscopy Spectroscopy II


Sina Wrede (Uppsala University)


The lateral self-exchange hole transfer between dye molecules immobilized on a mesoporous semiconductor has been studied rather extensively for mesoporous titanium dioxide films in the context of dye-sensitised photoanodes (and n-DSCs) for solar harvesting and gives insight to charge recombination, one of the key factors that determines the efficiency of such systems.

In the present work, the lateral electron transfer dynamics between dyes have been studied for the first time across a sensitised NiO surface for photocathodes. The lateral electron hopping between TIP dye molecules on the mesoporous NiO surface have been investigated with spectroelectrochemistry where an applied potential step initiates lateral electron hopping between the dye molecules on the NiO surface. From the kinetic trace, the magnitude of electron hopping for the TIP could be extracted and gives insight into the lateral self-exchange dynamics for p-type dye-sensitised systems.

Primary authors

Sina Wrede (Uppsala University) Prof. Haining Tian (Uppsala University)

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